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155x155 mm        Ivory Wove Envelope
0.16€Ex Tax: 0.19€
95x122 mm        Silver Envelope
0.23€Ex Tax: 0.28€
125x125 mm        Clear Translucent Envelope
0.66€Ex Tax: 0.79€
160x160 mm        Dark Blue Translucent Envelope (Square)
1.00€Ex Tax: 1.20€
110x220 mm        Champagne Lustre Envelope (DL)
0.37€Ex Tax: 0.44€
324x229 mm        White Post Marque Envelope (C4)
0.45€Ex Tax: 0.54€
162x229 mm        High White Conqueror Envelope (C5)
0.53€Ex Tax: 0.64€
114x162 mm        White White Fancy Paper Lined Envelope (C6)
0.35€Ex Tax: 0.42€
130x130 mm        Dark Grey Gumm        ed Envelope (Square)
0.19€Ex Tax: 0.23€
130x130 mm        Amaranth Textured Envelope
0.15€Ex Tax: 0.18€
70x100 mm        Ivory Envelope
0.16€Ex Tax: 0.19€
162x229 mm        Purple Envelope (C5)
0.33€Ex Tax: 0.40€
324x229 mm        White Envelope (C4)
0.18€Ex Tax: 0.22€
155x155 mm        White Laid Envelope
0.16€Ex Tax: 0.19€
126x126 mm        Red CD Envelope
0.12€Ex Tax: 0.14€
155x155 mm        Bronze Ore Textured Envelope
0.23€Ex Tax: 0.28€
130x130 mm        Metallic Silver Envelope
0.21€Ex Tax: 0.25€
85x85 mm        Blue CD Envelope with Round Window
0.07€Ex Tax: 0.08€
162x229 mm        Fern Green Envelope (C5)
0.31€Ex Tax: 0.37€
110x220 mm        White Orange Fancy Paper Lined Envelope (DL)
0.40€Ex Tax: 0.48€